Vigor-Enterprise is the parent holding company,

which acts at the corporate level and interlinks all its subsidiaries. Its main objective is to promote its four units and facilitate the process of making them independent business streams.

Vigor EventsVigor StudioVigor AcademyVigor Hunt


Vigor-Events is a first-class seminars house for the sophisticated cultural audiences in the Middle East and North Africa region. Beyond the scope of routine event management, Vigor-Events is focused on transforming the concept of seminars and conferences. It brings together the world’s most prominent leaders, speakers, and authors from a wide range of fields. The aim is not only to hold discussions, but to hold discussions which develop solutions for the world we live in.

For all organizations and individuals looking to make a positive impact to their business, social or political environment, Vigor-Events is the ideal platform.


Armed with over ten years of expertise in graphics, web design, development and marketing techniques, we offer end-to-end web solutions. Our services are flexible and cutting-edge, and most importantly, with true customization. From large corporations to small firms, customers get precisely what they want for their specific needs, which ensures success for all our clients. Always.

We are a collection of senior level strategists who have spent our entire careers building strong brands and sharing their stories with award-winning work.


As the tagline ‘Learning By Experience’ suggests, the emphasis of Vigor-Academy is to elevate the whole process of learning new skills. Rather than just one-directional lectures and discourses, Vigor-Academy enables interactive sessions where the participants are the focus of the action, rather than being passive audience.

Vigor-Academy delivers a comprehensive range of competency-based training programs, academic certifications and coaching solutions that energize the organizational development plans of clients in the region.


Vigor-Hunt facilitates world-class headhunting and executive search for businesses across all industries and sectors. The primary motivation is to assist all organizations in finding the best and most suitable candidates for their respective requirements.

The team at Vigor-Hunt has certified interviewers, trained on the most proven and accurate behavior-based selection system in the world. It follows the same certified headhunting process that is used by the leading companies in the world to hire and promote millions of people.


We have had the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in GCC and Africa and we don’t take this lightly. We work both diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first.


Floor 13, Al-Gas Tower, Ahmad Al-Jaber St., Sharq, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

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Building 5, Zone 5, Block 13/15, Somid West, Six of October City, Giza, Egypt

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